Joon Branding

Formerly Voice Ring, The Wagner Agency took the company through a compressive and proprietary workshop called Lab360 followed by brand development and implementation of their marketing and advertising efforts. Among other discoveries and revelations, our team determined that Voice Ring no longer defined the brand based on who they are today and seek to be in the future. After an exhaustive nomenclature and brand study, Voice Ring was rebranded and Joon was born.

Everywhere. Anytime. All across this whole big, round, blue-green ball. Moving. Shaking. Talking. Sharing. And, you’re not really even plugged in. Nor connected. You’re you. Being yourself. Moving how you want to move. Speaking how you want to speak. You and Joon. Reaching out to the world however you wanna reach out.
It’s finally time something made sense. Finally. Hello Joon.
(Disclaimer: Attention Flat-Earthers, we as a corporation do not formally acknowledge the shape of the Earth as “round.” It just sounded cool in the copy.)
Joon’s sonic branding: